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Introducing Yemaya (Mami Wata), inspired by the powerful West African water deity. Adorn your space with this captivating artwork, depicting Yemaya as the protective and nurturing mother of the ocean. The vibrant colors and intricate details of this piece perfectly capture the essence of the divine feminine energy that Yemaya represents. Whether you're drawn to the spiritual significance or simply appreciate the beauty of the ocean, this painting is a unique and enchanting addition to any art collection. Embrace the mystical and mystical with our Yemaya (Mami Wata) painting, and invite her powerful energy into your home or office.

• Gesso Primed

• Oil Paint On Canvas

• Size 18x24

• Signed By The Artist

Wired & ready to Hang

Yemaya (Mami wata)

$850.00 Regular Price
$680.00Sale Price
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